Various types of music

First it is good to explain the meaning of music though it seems obvious and simple.

Music —an arrangement of sounds in patterns to be sung or played on instruments (according to Oxford Student’s Dictionary)

As we can all agree, there are different types of music played all over the world. This article explores those different kinds of music. The following are the different types of music;

  1. Rhythm and blues( R&B)

It is the popular African-American music which came about in the 1940s.This type of music can be sung to bring out the pain experienced by the African-Americans especially in the early days. There are also other different themes touched in this type of music such as sex, relationships, freedom of expression and worship, the state of economy and aspirations. There are different types of r&b such as club blues, jump blues, disco, funk and Motown

  1. Reggae.

It originated in Jamaica. It is very popular music especially in Jamaica and Africa. It has very famous reggae musicians such as late Bob Marley from Jamaica, late Lucky Dubhe from South Africa, Culture, Gregory Isaac and many other reggae musicians.

  1. Tanzanian Bongo music.

Many may wonder what Bongo music means, it’s a feel good music from East Africa and especially in Tanzania. It has different themes such as Mackenzie( love matters), community education on life issues, uchumi(economy) and other important themes.

  1. Rock music.

It originated from United States as rock and roll music in the early 1950s.since then rock music has developed so much and it has a lot f followers. It is centered on the electric guitar and drums. Mostly rock music stresses on romantic love and even political and social matters. There are some sub-groups of rock music such as blues rock, folk rock, jazz fission rock and the country rock.

  1. Rap music.

Originated in United States especially in the inner cities habit ed by the is very popular among the people of all ages. Rap music is not sung, rather the words are spoken with backdrop of music gotten from the rock pieces and funk. Most Rap musicians do remix sounds and rhythms and write their own lyrics hence coming up with beautiful rap songs. There are four major types of rap music; crank,political rap,gangsta rap and alternative rap.

  1. Punk music.

It originated from United States, Australia, and United Kingdom. It is mainly based on garage rock protozoon music.

The above are the major types of music found around the world

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